Final project: show proposal

For the final project, my show idea is a review/ preview segment of comic book based entertainment. Basically, anything involving a comic book; whether a new graphic novel, movie, or video, and review and preview upcoming releases. The show name i had in mind is “OUTTA THE PAGE” and i wanted the demographic to be teenage to adult ages because it would include small spoof segments in between. sort of like how attack of the show is, except its main focus is comic book based properties.

I want to be fast paced and comical, but also informative and most of all fun and easy. I want it to look like something really out of an old comic book, like dyed colors but entertaining designs and graphics. spoofing a little the look that the old 1960’s Batman show would do with its BAM and POW’s. The graphics rely mostly on pages straight from a comic book. In it’s format and structure, i want it to look and follow “X-play”, a show that reviews, and previews video games. is how i want the show to be paced, and have that central reviewer or guest talk while a graphic background plays) is the structure, flow and look of the show i have in mind)

Graphics and slides of segments


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