Fabolous Ms Anonymous

My show title is going to be Fabulous Ms Anonymous. It’s a show about beauty from hair to nails to makeup. The show will be about learning how to look good without spending a lot of money, so sorta like a make over show. It’s going to be called ms anonymous because the main character never reveals herself so she’s a mystery. I wanted to incorporate mystery into the opening in some type of way.

The main feel to it will be really girly so I want lots of pinks and purples. I want all of the graphics to be beauty oriented, for example for a lower third I can have lipstick draw the persons name out. My target audience will be women from ages 16+ who care about what they look like and care about saving a buckĀ  to look good this show could also appeal to any gay men who love make up and hair and fashion. Some shows that are similar are shows like what not to wear, ambush makeover, and extreme makeover.




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