Final Project (Part 3) Reminder

Hey there everyone. Although we spoke about this at length in class, I wanted to give you a little reminder on what is due on Tuesday evening to be posted on the Blog. There are TWO parts to this assignment (Posting and responding)

Part 1. December 13th (40 pts): Rough Cuts of ALL show elements posted to blog. By 11:59pm on Tuesday December 13th, you should post the 4 following videos:

  1. FULL rough cut of your opening sequence.  Audio (Music and/or VO) must be included. You will need to show all of your assets, and timing in this presentation. (10 pts)
  2. A detailed video rough cut of your Lower 3rd. (10 pts)
  3. A detailed video rough cut  of your Information Graphic. (10 pts)
  4. A detailed video rough cut  of your credit roll. (10 pts)
All videos MUST have a brief description of your show topic. All videos MUST have your background video inserted. All videos must transition on and off screen smoothly. All videos MUST include all of the graphical elements that you will be using in your final composites. Think as the rough cut as a 90% completed form of what you will turn in as your final on December 21st. It dosent have to be perfect but it should give the rest of the class a detailed idea of what you are going for.
Part 2. December 14th-15th (10 pts): During these two days you will be required to watch and respond to the rough cuts of ALL the other students in the class. For every project posted, please give a critiques in the comments section of the post. Use all of the following questions as your guide:
  • What did you think was good about the graphic?
  • Where could the good elements be a bit improved?
  • Was the text legible?
  • Did the colors feel cohesive?
  • Did all of the videos have a similar feel or theme? Or was the package disjointed? Why?
  • What over suggestions would you have to change any issues.
You will not be graded is you reuse a comment already written about the post. So please do not “agree” with other students critiques. Responses must provide a unique look on their work.
By the 15th everyone should have some good responses to read about their posts. So please come back and see what other students are saying about your work.
Good luck, and please let me know if you have any questions.

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