This 3D rig is the 3rd generation of mounts that I have built for various cameras. It uses interchangeable cameras and custom mounts for a variety of uses. I currently have 2 HD cameras, and 2 Standard definition cameras to use in this rig. It is upgradeable, so as new cameras are introduced, a simple mount can be created to accept the new cameras.

The HD version consists of two Kodak Zi8’s. The cameras themselves can be found for around $130.00. They feature a remote for sync, 1080p recording, 720p 60fps recording, and a 3.5mm audio in port. These cameras have proved to be an amazing addition to this rig. It does very well in low light, ant the 60fps setting is a dream for 3D. Both have HDMI out and usb ports built into the camera itself, so viewing and uploading is a breeze. I’ve also attached a Audio-Technica powered shotgun mic as well. In the future I hope to add another mic for 4-channel surround recording.

I am currently using this system for low budget 3D shoots throughout the city. It is also a great compliment to my Large format 3D camera also appearing in this blog.