Shooting “Double Barreled” at a recent housing rally. ©The Domino Effect Movie

For the past ten years, I have pursued every available opportunity to teach at the collegiate level and expand my interdisciplinary skillset. I have assisted in the development and instruction of many courses relevant to Documentary Production, Integrated Media Art, Studio Television Production, Webcasting, Motion Graphics and more. For my service as a Higher Education Officer for York College’s Communications Technology Program, I have served not only as an Adjunct Professor, but also as a key contributor to CT program development and course creation. During this time my proudest achievement was the introduction of “maker” oriented hands-on-learning pedagogies into first-year curriculum. By introducing students to maker culture and the art of building physical objects with digital tools, the students of Building & Hacking (CT137) engage online communities, learn the basics of image acquisition, navigate content management systems, experience creative confidence and most importantly develop problem solving skills that are critical to their future success in the Communications Technology Major. Working with the students in these courses reinforce the feelings that I had as an undergrad T.A. so many years ago, I simply adore the process of teaching.

Most people would assume that Filmmaking is a craft or an art. Although I consider it both of those traits, it is also a hugely technical endeavor. It is the exploration of the technical boundaries in Filmmaking that have influenced my time based media work as well as my interdisciplinary projects and teaching. My continued interest in this area pushes me into new technological mediums as they cross disciplines and become new tools of storytelling. The theme of interdisciplinary academic pursuits is pervasive not only in my teaching, but in my research as well. My deep love of the technology is what drew me to become a camera operator and editor in the television industry. I am equally comfortable collaborating with Filmmakers, Ocular Scientists, Programmers, Artists, Physicists, and Mathematicians. Eager to learn and adapt to new technologies as they not only become a requirement of the new media landscape, if not only to understand how that can be incorporated into my own work as well.

Finally, I am dedicated to enriching the lives of students outside the classroom. Like any good professor of media production, I take every opportunity to employ and collaborate with students in my own work. Through nine years of service at York College, I have helped many young people gain confidence in their abilities and achieve a curious technical foundation that will last throughout their career. My work would be nothing without the critical perspectives provided by the current cadre of students that surround me.